We are many to take good resolution for the new year, But how many of us stick to them? For the new year, I’ll eat more healtily, I’ll stop to smoke, I’ll do more exercises……. Well, This file will make you stick to them, More than that, You’ll almost move toward your new year resolution almost unconsciously, You will hear while your listening the lost echo of many unsucessfully new year resolution, But to reassure you, Your won’t ever happen to be lost in those echo from now on

Special thanks to :

Tayu : for hosting my website and being such a wonderful friend

Saryn : For helping so much with my discord server and for being such an awesome person

Beryl : For being the adorable kitty that you are

Demure : For being always here when I need you and being such an amazing friend

Ari : For being such an adorable little puppy

Unity : For having been able to deal with my bad sense of humors for so many years and being such kind hearted person

Tempest and Spiffy : For all the very hypnotic DJ set in second life

Musamichi : For your kindness, cleverness and wisdom

Chrissfunny : For being my very first pet and still being after so long

FruitOfTheDoom : For being loyal and cute over the years

HummingBird : For all the gigglefits we had this year

Mouse : For having been a friend for so long and for had made me discover discord

Nicole : For being an adorable snarky england princess

Sagnarel : For being the ever adorable geek

There are many more who would deserve me thanks them for this and for that but they will reconise themselves, And thank you to all of you who read this for continuing to enjoy my work and for supporting me

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! May the next be as excellent as was this one !!!

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