The Mind Melter

First of all, I know about the hype that I’ve created about the coming release of “The Inseption Fractionation” do not worry that file is still in working and will be released once done, but in waiting I wouldn’t leave you without anything so today I present you “The Mind Melter” What is this file about? It’s a mixing of conditioning and subliminal the volume is intensionnaly low so do not rise it higher than nessessary, if you hear a faint whispering it is enough for it to effect you, Makes sure to use a stereo headphone this file effect will easily be reduced by 60% without it, Listen to it in a loop at least 5 time in a row, Now what does it do? the eternal question !!! Well this place will permit the listener to set themselves in trance whenever they want by simply counting down 10 to 1, As always Enjoy !!

Turn, Turn, Turn, The Key

This file is a clockwork doll transformation file, As I guide you though a story telling in the ericksonian induction style where I details to you the long road and journey you started in the goal to debunk a legend about a mysterious doll house…… The file will place you the self trigger “turn the key” For each word “turn” said before “the key” It will add 10 minutes to your doll condition (As always, Use a stereo headphone)

The Confusion Within the Slime Spa is logic

For the those of you who knows me enough, You probably know that I work better whenever I feel rushed reason why I often set myself a deadline for the release of my files, and sometimes like today such deadline result in something incredible, Today I was supposed to release two files “Confusion Is Logic” And “The Slime Spa” But instead due to my dealine pushed far back to what it was supposed to be here is a unique mixing of the original two ideas where I guide you sensually and slowly within a strange spa leaded by a slime girl who will make sure that you feel more relaxed than you’ve ever had (Use a stereo headphone, the file is mainly a relaxation file which doesn’t leave any after effect beside maybe a “light” arousal 😉 it also doesn’t contain any awakener and I recommend to set an alarm in order to wake up by the end of it)


Sorry for the bad word play you know how I am 😉 It’s obviously the fith sequel of my hive file that one is meant to be listened easily by both type drone of the hive as much those who desire to remain queenless and those who desire to see me as their queen, Be careful it may appear as first like an innocent music but the amount of subliminal messages present in that one is incredible and will without a doubt induce a trance (for that reason I recommend to be clever about it and to not listen to it while doing any activity that require you to be aware) Now what does it do? It’ll enforce the suggestion that the listener is a drone and part of something bigger than itself, It’ll also encourage the members of the hive to be more active within the hive and to enjoy the compagnie of other drones, While this one doesn’t contain any suggestion of obedience to me, It still contain suggestion of trusting me to take care to the hive (I added that suggestion for even the queenless member of the hive to have more easiness about complying the task given by me) as always I remind it again and again but WARNING do not listen to this file if this isn’t what you want, this file will without a doubt turn you into a hive drone (Use a stereo headphone and listen daily in loop between 2 and 5 loops per days

The Milkyway

This file is meant to drastically increase the size of your breasts in addition of inducing a lactation, before you ask me, Yes everything in the file is intentionally made the way it is, I wanted for that one to be a perfect mixing of my every different skills without one skill to overload another, So take a comfortable position, follow my instruction and enjoy, the file can be listened during sleeping due to 8 differents layers of subliminals but I still recommend to follow the instruction given for a better result (WARNING !!! This file is meant to create real physical change and shouldn’t be listened for any other purpose, YOU ARE WARNED as always use a stereo headphone)

The Bee Translator Full Version

This file is a hypnosis and subliminal one, it contain heavy suggestion of weight loss and will make it so that you dance each and every time you hear a music for as long as you are in safe and secure doing so, As a WARNING!!! this file shouldn’t be listened more than once during a week, the subliminal part of it is made to make you lose many pounds per nanoseconds (As always use a stereo headphone)

The Switch Virus : AKA MindLessTransmission

The Switch Virus is a drone file 🙂 More than that, It’s a drone spreading file, the file is entirelly subliminal and require to be watched in full screen, Set an alarm for whenever you need to stop it or it’ll catch your attention as long as it can 🙂 The file will pretty much turn you into a fembot named MindlessTransmission who is switch, The file make you develop both a desire to submit and to Dominate in the goal to spread the virus, I added many safeties suggestion for that file to cannot be shared without the explicite consent first of the possible “willing victim” Like many submiminal files, It is important for you to use this one with a stereo headphone, !!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! This file will create real personality alteration such as the desire of speaking of yourself as “it” in addition to act and think like a drone

The Doll And The String

This file is meant to turn you into a plastic doll with the mindset of a bimbo, A string will be linked to your back, wenever the string is pulled you will be pushed unconsciously to says many doll’s popular statements WARNING : This file is meant to be permanent, I use into it as much some conditioning method, in addition of 4 layers of subliminals, The file doesn’t contain any awakener so it can be used in a loop or in a playlist with other files Use a stereo Headphone and enjoy