First of all, I know about the hype that I’ve created about the coming release of “The Inseption Fractionation” do not worry that file is still in working and will be released once done, but in waiting I wouldn’t leave you without anything so today I present you “The Mind Melter” What is this file about? It’s a mixing of conditioning and subliminal the volume is intensionnaly low so do not rise it higher than nessessary, if you hear a faint whispering it is enough for it to effect you, Makes sure to use a stereo headphone this file effect will easily be reduced by 60% without it, Listen to it in a loop at least 5 time in a row, Now what does it do? the eternal question !!! Well this place will permit the listener to set themselves in trance whenever they want by simply counting down 10 to 1, As always Enjoy !!

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