The Milkyway

This file is meant to drastically increase the size of your breasts in addition of inducing a lactation, before you ask me, Yes everything in the file is intentionally made the way it is, I wanted for that one to be a perfect mixing of my every different skills without one skill to overload another, So take a comfortable position, follow my instruction and enjoy, the file can be listened during sleeping due to 8 differents layers of subliminals but I still recommend to follow the instruction given for a better result (WARNING !!! This file is meant to create real physical change and shouldn’t be listened for any other purpose, YOU ARE WARNED as always use a stereo headphone)

The Bee Translator Full Version

This file is a hypnosis and subliminal one, it contain heavy suggestion of weight loss and will make it so that you dance each and every time you hear a music for as long as you are in safe and secure doing so, As a WARNING!!! this file shouldn’t be listened more than once during a week, the subliminal part of it is made to make you lose many pounds per nanoseconds (As always use a stereo headphone)

The Switch Virus : AKA MindLessTransmission

The Switch Virus is a drone file ๐Ÿ™‚ More than that, It’s a drone spreading file, the file is entirelly subliminal and require to be watched in full screen, Set an alarm for whenever you need to stop it or it’ll catch your attention as long as it can ๐Ÿ™‚ The file will pretty much turn you into a fembot named MindlessTransmission who is switch, The file make you develop both a desire to submit and to Dominate in the goal to spread the virus, I added many safeties suggestion for that file to cannot be shared without the explicite consent first of the possible “willing victim” Like many submiminal files, It is important for you to use this one with a stereo headphone, !!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! This file will create real personality alteration such as the desire of speaking of yourself as “it” in addition to act and think like a drone

The Doll And The String

This file is meant to turn you into a plastic doll with the mindset of a bimbo, A string will be linked to your back, wenever the string is pulled you will be pushed unconsciously to says many doll’s popular statements WARNING : This file is meant to be permanent, I use into it as much some conditioning method, in addition of 4 layers of subliminals, The file doesn’t contain any awakener so it can be used in a loop or in a playlist with other files Use a stereo Headphone and enjoy

The Gooey Industry

Do you enjoy the uniformity? Yes? And to which level do you? How would you feel if you were to enter into a strange abandoned industry with a very poor lighting all around, the feeling to be observed before to be touched at random spot of your body which end up covered of latex every time you look into an oposite direction until you finally see them all, until you reconize yourself into them, until your motion and theirs are a mirror of each other, This file will turn you into a latex doll and build up your arousal, While 20 minutes after the file, A little fantasy will be played into your mind with the choice at the end to return to yourself or to remain as the latex doll ๐Ÿ™‚ (Use a stereo headphone and enjoy)

Blessed Or Cursed? New Year, New You

We are many to take good resolution for the new year, But how many of us stick to them? For the new year, I’ll eat more healtily, I’ll stop to smoke, I’ll do more exercisesโ€ฆโ€ฆ. Well, This file will make you stick to them, More than that, You’ll almost move toward your new year resolution almost unconsciously, You will hear while your listening the lost echo of many unsucessfully new year resolution, But to reassure you, Your won’t ever happen to be lost in those echo from now on

Special thanks to :

Tayu : for hosting my website and being such a wonderful friend

Saryn : For helping so much with my discord server and for being such an awesome person

Beryl : For being the adorable kitty that you are

Demure : For being always here when I need you and being such an amazing friend

Ari : For being such an adorable little puppy

Unity : For having been able to deal with my bad sense of humors for so many years and being such kind hearted person

Tempest and Spiffy : For all the very hypnotic DJ set in second life

Musamichi : For your kindness, cleverness and wisdom

Chrissfunny : For being my very first pet and still being after so long

FruitOfTheDoom : For being loyal and cute over the years

HummingBird : For all the gigglefits we had this year

Mouse : For having been a friend for so long and for had made me discover discord

Nicole : For being an adorable snarky england princess

Sagnarel : For being the ever adorable geek

There are many more who would deserve me thanks them for this and for that but they will reconise themselves, And thank you to all of you who read this for continuing to enjoy my work and for supporting me

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! May the next be as excellent as was this one !!!

Suggestibility Or Resistance Is Your Choice

This file is meant to place you two self trigger “I am suggestible” And “I am resistant” This two trigger that you’ll be able to switch too at any time you’d like will permit you to become as you like the easiest hypnosis subject ever or the hardest one, permitting you to easily be hypnotized even by the worst induction ever created or to resist to the best one ever created (Use a stereo headphone, remember to use the “I’m suggestible” Only before a hypnosis session and to switch to the “I’m resistant” Once the session is done for safeties measure)