The Switch Virus is a drone file 🙂 More than that, It’s a drone spreading file, the file is entirelly subliminal and require to be watched in full screen, Set an alarm for whenever you need to stop it or it’ll catch your attention as long as it can 🙂 The file will pretty much turn you into a fembot named MindlessTransmission who is switch, The file make you develop both a desire to submit and to Dominate in the goal to spread the virus, I added many safeties suggestion for that file to cannot be shared without the explicite consent first of the possible “willing victim” Like many submiminal files, It is important for you to use this one with a stereo headphone, !!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! This file will create real personality alteration such as the desire of speaking of yourself as “it” in addition to act and think like a drone

One comment on “The Switch Virus : AKA MindLessTransmission

  • cum soaked honey

    Wow, I felt such a pull from this after just one listen. I look forward to seeing what the effect will be after a few more listens.

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