Sorry for the bad word play you know how I am 😉 It’s obviously the fith sequel of my hive file that one is meant to be listened easily by both type drone of the hive as much those who desire to remain queenless and those who desire to see me as their queen, Be careful it may appear as first like an innocent music but the amount of subliminal messages present in that one is incredible and will without a doubt induce a trance (for that reason I recommend to be clever about it and to not listen to it while doing any activity that require you to be aware) Now what does it do? It’ll enforce the suggestion that the listener is a drone and part of something bigger than itself, It’ll also encourage the members of the hive to be more active within the hive and to enjoy the compagnie of other drones, While this one doesn’t contain any suggestion of obedience to me, It still contain suggestion of trusting me to take care to the hive (I added that suggestion for even the queenless member of the hive to have more easiness about complying the task given by me) as always I remind it again and again but WARNING do not listen to this file if this isn’t what you want, this file will without a doubt turn you into a hive drone (Use a stereo headphone and listen daily in loop between 2 and 5 loops per days

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