MissEleanor’s Drone

After some requests, I have decided to show you another one of my works.

This file is not for the weak of heart.

Coupled together with the soundtrack of my file “You Will Be Mine” this file will change you into a drone who is all the way obedient to me. I will be able to change you was I want. You will not have any other desire than to obey and worship me.

It will make you forget your own identity. You will be no more than my toy, my slave, my pet, and all I will decide for you.


Use stereo headphones and enjoy the pleasure to please me.

(Make sure you really want it, because it will happen if you listen.)

Emotion Remover

This file is made for those who wish to be a real drone and not being dominated by their emotions but only by their logics. [WARNING : This file isn’t done to help you to better control your emotion but to delete them of a permanent way, If you do listen to it to escape your emotion instead to doing it for the goal for which one I’ve made it, I would strongly recommend you to see a psychiatrist first) The file will delete of permanent way, the joy, the sadness, the love, Those emotion who happen to be too strong and to push people to do or to repeat a mistakes, Remember that the hypnosis is a fair play, If you listen to this file mean you’ve readed and agreed to have your emotion deleted permanently, I won’t be taken for responsible if you do listen to it by curiosity and get effected. {The file don’t contain any awakener, Use a stereo headphone}

Mechanically Mine

Around 3-4 years ago, An hypno abuser of the name Jessilov001 was using some of my files and by usurping my identity, Some of my triggers on other people, After one of her victim found me on irc and related me what happened, I’ve told to myself some of my files could be dangerous and so I created what was my most powerful file but did it as an easter egg only myself and my pets were aware of, You will be mine and Mechanical Mind splited weren’t doing more than what is described, But they has been made as one file, A powerful brainwashing that I’ve descided to release today, So today, I offer you Mechanically Mine.

Drone Update

This file is made for the those of you fan of the drone conversion as in real drone, this file will improve the quickness at which one you can learn new things, it’ll create an addiction to the knowledges and self improvement as much of the mind than body, For best effect, Set the video in full screen, wear a stereo headphone and loop it 5 times (Warning : Contain heavy binaural and subliminal)

Human Emulation

This file is the step to stop by to become plenty a drone since it’ll makes you more aware that your human life is an emulation of your programing, Do not worry as always though a safeties such as you won’t hurt yourself nor anybody else in addition of said emulation keep running at work, in society and in family is placed 🙂 Enjoy this new step into your drone programing (Use a stereo headphone)

Gynoid Micro Chip

(Warning : This file can have permanent effect on repeated listening) This file is a hypno fantasy leaving two triggers a trance trigger firstly placed within the file and used as deepener, The second trigger is a command one that turn any command or suggestion from someone you trust as part of who you are, The file contain a heavy subliminal programming which is going to reinforce the suggestion present in the file, This file is one of my most droney one, It’ll push you to the obedience in addition to the constant research of knowledges and self improving, Use at your own risk.

Drone Like Me

This is a conditioning and hypnosis file. Listen to it with stereo headphones. Listen between 2 and 3 times looped for the best effect.

This file will literally turn you into a drone. It’s probably one of my files that contains the most subliminal messages.

Includes: Personal Growth, Improved Memory, Improved Health and Much More!

Be warned, if this isn’t what you want do not listen to it!