The life of an adventurer part 1

This file was recorded while a live session that I’ve made for my birthday, The file is in between role play and hypnosis, You’ll walk for quite sometimes before to encounter a mysterious woman who seems to be awaiting a potion and elixir tester, Apparently, this person didn’t show up but by luck, you did  (The file doesn’t leave any remaining effect beside a strong arousal, A command to cum is issued at the end of the file, Make sure to use a stereo headphone

Self Trance Trigger

You has a hypnotist who is your friend? You love his/her suggestion but his/her induction aren’t good enough to trance you? You feel the need to role play either because you don’t wish to hurt their feeling? No need anymore because this file will place a self trance trigger, After the listening of this file, Whenever you’ll say “I am deep” You’ll fall instantly into a nice and deep trance, Ready to be programmed. Enjoy.

Try To Resist

This file is a little game of resistance that I’ve made with some people on Discord, and recorded for the fun of everyone.

I also added some binurals and subliminals, so yes, this file is pretty much intended to trance you by using your resistance to trance.

The more you are resistant, the deeper you’ll fall.