Birth From My Eggs

In this file, I change you in my dragon child. Yes, because maybe you know Mistress Dolly is a kitty, I’m a dragoness.

So listen to this file, and become my obedient dragon child.

This file doesn’t contain any regression suggestions. It is mostly a dragon transformation and obedience to me.

The only innocent thing inside this file is a lullaby used to help you relax.

Use stereo headphones!

Be What You Wear

It isn’t a surprised when I tell you that like many of you I do love the holydays and Halloween isn’t an exeption, This is why special halloween I offer you this file. What if for halloween or any costumed party your costume were taking over while 24 hours? What if after costumed into a vampire, You play on your charm and even on your hypnotic eyes? Or what if you wear a fursuit and suddenly notice this fur isn’t your costume anymore but “YOUR” Fur? You did get it, This file will turn you mind and body into whatever costume you wear while 24 hours. Enjoy and happy halloween

The Rubber Doll Factory

After noticing how much the kiss of the mermaid has been enjoyed and how many people loved the idea to have their legs stuck together like a mermaid tail for one hour. I drive you today into another induced hypnotic adventure while within a factory you’ll be turned into a rubber doll, This file is also the second of my file after Mechanical Mind into which I use my own moans to increase your arousal *Laugh* Once the adventure ending, You’ll be simply unable to move at all, Even a single finger and this while a whole hour. `Listen to it with stereo headphone

Ranma 1/2 Curse

For those who doesn’t know of the manga of the same name, This file will turn you into a woman every time you’ll enter in contact of a cold water, and in a man every time you enter in contact with a hot water and so can be used by the both genders. After listening to this file, I’m sure you’ll take the habit to never going outdoor without your umbrella *Smile* [Use a stereo headphone}

Rubber Pet Transformation

This file will turn you into different rubber pet depending of how your mind will visualize it, for as long as it has a pointy ears and a tail, then you can become this type of pet, the gender isn’t specified and can so be listened by male and female The file will effect you for only as long as in safe and secure, As always, use a stereo headphone

The Neko Bar

In this file, I’m going to turn you into a Neko Maid.

And what is a better way to do that than to place the easiest trigger that comes to mind: a simple glass of milk.

That’s right, after listening to this file, drinking a glass of milk will turn you into a playful and obedient servicing Neko Maid.

Wear stereo headphones and enjoy!