Before to describe this file, I have to describe its meaning and the beautiful adventure behind it, 4 years ago, I’ve met a girl who was fantastic, Fun, Full of life and humor who wanted to be mine, Which I accepted due how well we were getting along, The problem is, None of what I could try was having any result beside a very light trance, Sometimes none at all, While this 4 years under me, She never gave up nor did I and we tried induction after induction, Walk after walk, And today, We made it, This file is the edited version of the live session I’ve done with her, She finally felt into a deep trance And I’m so proud of her !!! She will reconize herself in reading this but probably will remain anonymous to you all, (Use a stereo headphone, the file doesn’t contain any awakener and so can be used with any other of my files, This is literally just the induction part without suggestion)

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