This file is what I would call a dangerous file of mine, Clearly, I’m not kidding, Do not watch it if you don’t want to be a hive drone, This file is gonna create a full drone mindset, the desire to be in company of other drone, The desire to be assigned a callsign by me, The subconscious mirroring of the quality of other drones you’ll encounter, A very strong submission in general way (WARNING) !!!! This file is entirelly subliminal and require you to watch it in full screen with a stereo headphone, I’m very well trainned in the construct of subliminal message, DO NOT LISTEN THIS FILE OUT OF CURIOSITY !!!! Listen to it only if it is what you really want. If you want to increase your experience as a hive drone, a channel has been created on my discord server especially for those who will take the role “Hive Drone” Here is the link of my discord server

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