This file is a full subliminal one.

If you listen to it , don’t worry if you don’t hear me clearly. I have tried it only one minute and I can tell you how much it works XD

And lucky I don’t want to be a bimbo because it is what this file will do when it’s listened to in a loop.

Wear your stereo headphones, become girly, feminine, dumb, and brainless with the desire to giggle. Of course you’ll get to be very slutty and horny as well!

(This files is very powerful and after having tried it in myself I can tell, so don’t listen to it if that’s not what you want.)

3 comments on “Bye Bye Brain

  • Intrested

    How come your YT channel and soundcloud are down?

    • eternalhappiness

      Everyone is being mean and taking fun things offline. We’re updating the site right now to host the files here so there won’t be any more interruptions.

  • Sleepy

    This is like… my favorite thing to sleep to now!

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