Curse Breast Orgasm And Breast Grow

today i present you probably my better file , more stronger than my bimbo curse so for who know me , you can be sure of the power of this one , i make you have a breast orgasm but it’s not all , the most important is how quick your breast can grow with this file , if you trust me , wear your stereo headphone and prepare you to have a real feminine breast more quick than all you can imagine (TAKE CARE THIS FILE IS ONE CURSE ;THE EFFECT ARE PERMANENT AND CREATE A REAL CHANGE)

Bye Bye Brain

This file is a full subliminal one.

If you listen to it , don’t worry if you don’t hear me clearly. I have tried it only one minute and I can tell you how much it works XD

And lucky I don’t want to be a bimbo because it is what this file will do when it’s listened to in a loop.

Wear your stereo headphones, become girly, feminine, dumb, and brainless with the desire to giggle. Of course you’ll get to be very slutty and horny as well!

(This files is very powerful and after having tried it in myself I can tell, so don’t listen to it if that’s not what you want.)

Hear The Voice Of Your Inner Woman

This file is for the person who wants to move more quickly into their feminization. It will create a feminine subconscious, then help and guide you into it. It will let you know how your makeup is, how your clothes are and about your haircut.

This girl will take an important place into your mind forever. She will able to protect you as the same way as she will guide you to being a better, cute, wonderful and feminine woman.

This file is designed to be permanent. Be sure you to want it before listening to it.

Use stereo headphones!

Fill Me

This file is the result of the contest made on youtube a week ago, The winner is Gina Vizavi So this file will firstly increase your breast size, but will also turn you in a bras addict, I hope you all enjoy [Use a stereo headphone, the file doesn’t contain any awakeners and can be listened like any normal trance or be looped while you do other things]

Bimbo, The Easiest Way To learn

Lots of your dream of experiencing the transformation into a bimbo, but for some reason, such as an important job or daily life, are afraid of the permanent effect this could have.

What if I was giving you the power to switch to bimbo and back to normal whenever you wanted?

That’s exactly what this file does. It places two triggers: “Pink, Pinky Pink” that turns you instantly into a bimbo and the second, “Blue, Pretty Blue” that turns you back to normal.

Wear stereo headphones and enjoy!

Remember that for every question you can find me on discord