This file is intented for you to mirror unconsciously your Dominant/Owner, Though, I would recommend this file only if you desire to be a true slave, The Mirroring programming is a big part of other programming such as the Monarch Slave Programming, So yes, We’re speaking here of heavy subliminal and binaural, Do not listen to this file if you do not want to be plenty enslaved by someone else. The file obviously doesn’t contain any suggestion of obedience toward me, If you aren’t yet owned by anybody, The file effect will appear as soon as you will be. Wear a stereo headphone and loop it while doing other things or when sleeping. (Second warning of extrem importance if ever you are owned by more than one Dominant, Unless they are extremely simmilar, Do not listen to this file in case of multi ownership if your different Dominant aren’t simmilar, this file could cause as a side effect a feeling of confusion and a heavy headache

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