My Voice Is Your Curse

Have you ever dreamed to find a hypnotist who’s voice will literally push you into trance in almost a second?

In this file I make you remember a better moment of your life, because all hypnotists will tell you someone happy is someone open. Then as you are thinking of this better moment I will make you drop deep into the deepest level of your mind where you surrender to my voice, listen to me, and accept that my voice is your best trance trigger. Because yes, that is what this file does. It will make you extremely submissive to the sound of my voice to the point that a simple word from me, anything I can say, will bring you back into trance as long as you’re safe and secure.

This file will permit you to fully enjoy all of my other files. As my voice will become your trance trigger, your curse, you will I’m sure find a lot of pleasure and give up all resistance, and you’ll just fall for me (use stereo headphones).

You Will Be Mine

I introduce myself as Miss Eleanor, sharing my body with Mistress Dolly.

I was thinking it will be good to show you the difference between both our work, so today I let you listen to this file and enjoy it.

But take care, it will place a powerful trigger within you the desire to serve me. You have been WARNED.

Wear stereo headphones and listen to this in a loop!

The Majesty Of The Edge

In this file I guide you to the edge with a pleasurable story, but when you are on the edge you will be unable to cum until someone allows it. You will not have the power to orgasm by yourself anymore, but enjoy the pleasure of submitting to another.

Enjoy the pleasure of needing the permission of the other person to be able to sum.

Use stereo headphones!

Obedience Is No Duty

This file is made especially for the website YouMustObey.Com I would strongly recommend you to visit the website or read a bit about it before listening to this file, The part that you hear is just the surface of the file, a heavy subliminal messages are pulsed in background, Listen to it in a loop with a stereo headphone, You can listen to it whenever doing other things but I wouldn’t recommend it while driving or operating heavy machinery

Ultimate Slave Silent Training

This file like the name says is rather silent at the inverted way of some of my other files very noisy 😉 but I’m sure by now you should know that I’m an expert of the subliminal and it is what this file is, A subliminal training that will turn the words “Good Slave” In a wonderful arousal and trance trigger at the same time, In addition of increasing your general obedience 🙂 The file don’t contain any suggestion of obedience to me (Wear a stereo headphone, Heavy binaural and subliminal suggestion) Set the video in full screen and loop it at least 5 times for best effect 🙂

Mirroring Programming

This file is intented for you to mirror unconsciously your Dominant/Owner, Though, I would recommend this file only if you desire to be a true slave, The Mirroring programming is a big part of other programming such as the Monarch Slave Programming, So yes, We’re speaking here of heavy subliminal and binaural, Do not listen to this file if you do not want to be plenty enslaved by someone else. The file obviously doesn’t contain any suggestion of obedience toward me, If you aren’t yet owned by anybody, The file effect will appear as soon as you will be. Wear a stereo headphone and loop it while doing other things or when sleeping. (Second warning of extrem importance if ever you are owned by more than one Dominant, Unless they are extremely simmilar, Do not listen to this file in case of multi ownership if your different Dominant aren’t simmilar, this file could cause as a side effect a feeling of confusion and a heavy headache

The Brainwasher

This file is a video to watch in full screen and in a loop with stereo headphone, It will increase your general submission, Your desire to submit and even will create a very strong arousal when you finally submit, If I had to shorten the description of it, It will turn you in the dream slave of any dominant. (warning : Contain heavy subliminal, Conditioning loop and flashing images, If you are epileptic, Do not watch this video)