Have you ever dreamed to find a hypnotist who’s voice will literally push you into trance in almost a second?

In this file I make you remember a better moment of your life, because all hypnotists will tell you someone happy is someone open. Then as you are thinking of this better moment I will make you drop deep into the deepest level of your mind where you surrender to my voice, listen to me, and accept that my voice is your best trance trigger. Because yes, that is what this file does. It will make you extremely submissive to the sound of my voice to the point that a simple word from me, anything I can say, will bring you back into trance as long as you’re safe and secure.

This file will permit you to fully enjoy all of my other files. As my voice will become your trance trigger, your curse, you will I’m sure find a lot of pleasure and give up all resistance, and you’ll just fall for me (use stereo headphones).

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