This file is an induction without an awakener.

You can use it in a playlist with the files that don’t have an induction.

Also, I need to admit, I’m a feedback eater. The file encourages you to let me know how it was in addition to placing a trance trigger that can be used by anyone you trust so long as you are safe.

Wear stereo headphones and enjoy!

2 comments on “Deep Trance

  • SvenSub

    This was awesome. For me it was perfect as it takes advantage on resistance because of the fear what comes after giving in/go in trance. What is actually my biggest fear. For those out there who have problems with resistance, or slightly fear to let go this file could be a key, your key.
    You can trust her!

    Thanks to Miss Eleanor for giving the positive kind of hypnosis.

  • Adam Cramb

    I went deep

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