For those of you who know me, it is not a surprise when I tell you I do enjoy feminizing the boys.

Changing them into a sissy or real girl.

Then in this file, I will make you unable to be horny without panties on you.

Before listening to this file, put on some panties you find cute, but take care in making your choice because after listening to this file you will be unable to be horny if you don’t wear these panties or another similar pair.

Prepare yourself. Prepare your panties. But don’t forget this will be a part of your life.

Use stereo headphones!

2 comments on “Panties Forever

  • Max

    Greetings Miss Eleanor,
    Nice audio… 🙂
    But i suggest you to keep the voice on stereo (not only on one side).
    I would enjoy if you could make some hypno audio in french 🙂


    Max76 on SL
    Max76 on YMO

    • eternalhappiness

      I’m getting more and more requests for possible French files so it is a thing I’m going to think about 🙂

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